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Small Metal Parts in Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, and Inconel

Posted June 15, 2013

A lot of our competitors don’t like the small projects!!! Don’t be afraid of all the big things JLMC, Inc. has fabricated. We love the small metal parts projects just as much as the large turnkey projects! Our sales staff will help you and give you suggestions on how to build your projects from small […]

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Elliptical Bike Racks

Posted November 28, 2012

Some people call them Modern Design Bike Racks, Techno Bike Racks, Artistic Bike Racks, Architecturally Appealing Bike Racks, Natural Bike Racks, Cool Looking Bike Racks, Hot Looking Bike Racks, Assume Bike Racks, and The Best Bike Rack Ever!!! At JLMC, Inc., we just call them Elliptical Bike Racks. The City of Claremont is turning into […]

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The Stagecoach in Banning, CA

Posted December 05, 2010

This Stagecoach was fabricated with 0.125 inch-thick aluminum. This project took six sheets of 5 × 12 to piece this all together. The final size is 23 feet long x 9 feet tall. The Stagecoach is located in the city of Banning on Sunset Avenue on I-10 between Ramsey Street and Westward Avenue. This large […]

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Weld Repairs For Wind Turbines

Posted February 10, 2009

President Obama wants to create 5 million green-collar jobs over the next decade. JLMC, Inc. can help wind turbine companies by offering experienced weld repair with our crack-repair technicians. Our trained technicians travel all over the country in order to field repair weld wind turbines without taking them down. In 2008, the United States surpassed […]

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