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Posted February 09, 2016 in Custom Metal Fabrication

This was one of JLMC, Inc.’s largest projects. We had two months to complete this entire project, and we worked 24 hours a day in order to finish. We worked side by side with our customer in order to complete it on schedule. An assembly line was set up on our three-acre lot. The first station consisted of welding the framework together. From there, the panels were put onto a conveyor and moved down the line. On the conveyor we attached the skins and the hat section. Then came the paint and decals. By the time the panels got to the end of the line, we lifted them into our transporting fixtures, and they were loaded on the trucks. It took 53 diesel trucks to deliver this to the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. We also got to meet the astronauts from the first Apollo mission: Alan Bean, Dick Gordon, and Pete Conrad. It was very cool. It is a must see if you are ever in Huntsville, Alabama. Click on the pictures for a closer view.

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