2011 JLMC Inc, is a proud
local sponsor of Stage 7
AMGEN Tour of California



MAY 7, 2011
L'Étape du California provides serious recreational cyclists the opportunity to ride a complete stage of the Amgen Tour of California

MAY 21, 2011

Claremont is a great place to enjoy the much-anticipated mountain Stage 7 of the
Amgen Tour of California.


City of Claremont;
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Large metal fabricating
metal fabricating of metal joints
Outdoor design metal fabricating
sheet metal fabricating of metal shelving

Design - Fabricating - Installation

The philosophy of JLMC is to join new technology with time tested methodology in custom metal fabricating and manufacturing utilizing state of the art equipment.

JLMC Metal Fabricating is one of the most specialized sheet metal fabricating companies in Southern California. We are a full service high quality driven manufacturing company with thousands of customers requiring a wide range of applications, from precision sheet metal fabricating to heavy metal plate up to ˝”. Our brilliant sheet metal fabricating engineers along with skillful craftsmen in metal work provide the highest quality custom metal products. If you have a special metal fabrication design requirement please contact us to help with your specialty metal fabrication requirements.

Metal Fabricating in Stainless, Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Brass, P/O, Cold/Hot Rolled Steel and Plastic Sheet (Polycarbonate), Metal thickness range from 22 gage sheet thru 1/2" plate.

View Large Variety of Metal Fabricating Projects

  • N/C Metal Shearing
  • N/C Metal Punching
  • N/C Metal Forming
  • Metal Rolling
  • Assembly
  • MIG & TIG Welding
  • Prototypes
  • Hopper Fabrication
  • Metal Cabinets
  • Custom Metal Fabricating
  • Metal Frames
  • Enclosures
  • Safety Guards
  • Tank Fabrication
  • Unique Engineering

We understand that high quality and service are essential in today's marketplace. Our continued success can be attributed to the amount of skill and pride that goes into our production of your sheet metal fabrication specifications.
Let us know how we can help you with your next metal fabricating project.

Elliptical Bike Racks

Visit our Metal Fabricating facility and take a tour.
JLMC's metal fabricating facility is in Ontario, California, San Bernardino County, between LA, Riverside and Orange Counties. While visiting our metal fabricating facility you will see automated CNC machining fabricating bare metal into complex metal parts and assemblies.

Custom manufacture, fabricator & designer of tanks, hoppers, cabinets, frames, enclosures & other metal parts & components from a variety of materials. Services include shearing, punching, laser, saw cutting, rolling, forming, design, installation, assembly, MIG & TIG welding, design & installation. Quality Control AWS Certified.

stainless steel metal fabrication Our Scrapbook/Photo Gallery will provide you with the many applications for metal fabricating of unique custom sheet metal products and parts we have made over the years. From Replica Missiles to Geodesic Domes to simple Brackets and Frames. Our team of engineers is available to help you solve your metal fabricating production needs.

Our commitment to high quality metal fabricating services is essential in today's marketplace. We are dedicated to superior custom metal fabricating with integrity. We stand behind our work.

Give us a call, 909-947-2980 or fill out a metal fabricating form and we will have a sales rep contact you within 24 hours.

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